Employee Wellbeing

David Jones is committed to supporting improved wellbeing for our employees, their families and the community.

Our Commitment

Having established a strong track record in workplace health and safety, we are now expanding our focus to also include the physical and mental wellbeing of our employees, both at work and at home.

Research indicates that people generally spend a third of their time at work, providing a unique opportunity to deliver programs that encourage employees to make informed and responsible decisions regarding their own health and wellbeing. As a leading Australian employer, we also recognise that we have a responsibility to continually invest in programs that eliminate barriers to wellbeing that may exist in the workplace.

We have a responsibility to continually invest in programs that eliminate barriers to wellbeing that may exist in the workplace.

The primary objective of our wellbeing program is to deliver social benefits by helping to improve quality of life for our employees and, by extension, their families and the broader community.

Our commitment to promote and support wellbeing in the workplace, beyond the traditional approach to health and safety, is outlined in our Wellbeing Strategy.

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Our Stakeholders

To ensure we deliver programs that meet the rising challenge of wellbeing in the workplace and in the community at large, we have conducted extensive research and consultation, primarily with our employees.

In addition to engaging with our WHS Action Teams in stores, we have also commissioned a Work Health Insights Report, which brings together six separate pieces of research to form an integrated view of what David Jones should do to improve physical and mental wellbeing for our people.

Some of the research we have conducted includes: an online health assessment report voluntarily completed by approximately 200 employees; biometric screening of 1,600 employees to identify the prevalence and incidence of key health risks; and an attitudinal survey to define what our employees expect of David Jones in relation to health and wellbeing. In addition, all of our stores completed a questionnaire detailing the current wellbeing experience and suggestions for further opportunities.

The recommendations arising from this research form the basis of our Wellbeing Strategy.

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Our Approach

Our approach is to develop, plan and implement key initiatives and campaigns that support our five strategic objectives, in line with the findings from our research and consultation and a number of guiding principles.

In addition to consulting with our established WHS Action Teams, we have commissioned our own Health Insights Report and reviewed key trends, risks and opportunities identified in an Australian Health Insights Report.

As a result of this research and consultation, we have identified key opportunities that will enable us to continually enhance and expand our wellbeing programs.

We have used the findings from this research and consultation to define our three key focus areas, which are mental health, physical health and chronic health issues. We have also defined a number of guiding principles, which sit at the heart of our Wellbeing Strategy and inform the development and implementation of our programs.

In principle, our wellbeing programs aim to be accessible to all employees and should drive high levels of engagement, broad involvement and personal accountability, with our Executive Committee leading by example.

Bringing these elements together helps to define our strategic approach, as outlined in the chart below.

Having defined our guiding principles and identified our focus areas of mental health, physical health and chronic health issues, we are in the process of developing a number of programs to promote and improve employee wellbeing.

Some of these programs include providing employee support services, such as 24 hour access to free counselling services, free financial health checks and a free online portal to provide information about nutrition, exercise and personal resilience. We will also make some improvements to our employee benefits program.

Going forward, our training and education programs will include a focus on mental health issues and resilience, which will supplement our existing programs that have a strong focus on physical risks around the workplace.

We plan to develop and deliver a series of engagement campaigns around key monthly themes and influence key design and investment decisions to improve workplace design and environment for new stores and offices.

Recognising the importance of both social impact and business benefits, we will develop targets and systems to measure, track and report the success of our wellbeing programs. Targets and systems will be established at the launch of our program, enabling us to track our progress.