Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement

David Jones is committed to providing a work experience that enables, engages and energises our employees and supports them in reaching their full potential.

Our Commitment

Given the strong link between high levels of employee engagement and business benefits in relation to service, retention, productivity and profitability, we are committed to making David Jones a better place to work.

We will meet this commitment by seeking regular feedback from our employees about their work experience and by implementing opportunities that they have identified as being drivers of increased engagement and retention.

We will then develop action plans to realise these opportunities and provide mechanisms for leaders to respond to employee feedback, with the aim of ensuring that our work environment enables, engages and energises our employees to perform at their best and reach their own limitless potential.

Ensuring that our work environment enables, engages and energises our employees to perform at their best and reach their own limitless potential.

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Our Stakeholders

Our strategy and action plans are informed almost entirely by what our employees are telling us they expect of David Jones, although we do also consult with some third-party research companies to ensure we maintain market intelligence on leading global retailers and Australian organisations.

From our most recent Employee Engagement Survey, we know that we compare favourable against other employers and that we have improved the level of engagement since the last time we asked our employees to participate in a survey - increasing our engagement score by 8% since 2011.

We also know that there is great optimism for the future and that our employees like working for David Jones because of the standing that our business and brand has in the community. However, we also know that we have a number of opportunities to improve overall engagement.

In developing our Employee Engagement Strategy, we have drawn on this available feedback and research to ensure that we implement initiatives that will drive positive change for our own people and, consequently, our customers and shareholders.

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Our Approach

Our Employee Engagement Strategy outlines what we plan to do to improve engagement and retention over the next two years. Our strategy responds to feedback gathered from engagement surveys, interviews and focus groups to find new ways of enabling, engaging and energising our people.

We have recently conducted a full engagement survey and will do so again every two years, starting in 2017. More than 6,400 employees responded to this most recent survey, providing valuable insights about our opportunities to enhance engagement.

We will also conduct a smaller pulse survey of about 1,000 employees every six months, to help track any changes in engagement or expectations between full engagement surveys.

We will also look at improving our new starter interviews and exit interviews, as a means of capturing additional feedback from employees.

Action plans are the link between survey results and the initiatives that respond to that feedback. In developing our action plans, we have reviewed the most recent survey results and engaged with senior managers from across the business to talk about the key themes and opportunities to drive further improvement.

Our next step is to communicate our objectives and companywide action plan, with a particular focus on the following areas: career development and training; reward and recognition, internal communication; and diversity and inclusion.

Whereas the companywide and team-based action plans take a holistic approach to increasing engagement, there are a number of roles in our business that require targeted action plans because of specific opportunities unique to those positions.

Firstly, we will look at a range of sources (including engagement surveys) to identify roles that require their own action plans. Then, we will use the same approach as the companywide action plans to develop targeted action plans for these positions.

Good implementation starts with good governance. From the outset, we will establish the roles and responsibilities, and agree key milestones with those people in the business who will be managing the development and implementation of action plans.

Our Human Resources team will provide oversight over each of the action plans to be developed, to ensure consistency. They will also develop the necessary mechanisms to track delivery and any change in engagement, over time.