SK-II Facial

45 Minutes / $65 Booking Fee Redeemable

Refresh, Hydrate and Glow with a SK-II Facial.

Allow trained Beauty Consultants to guide you through the ideal product regimen to reveal your best skin.

Experience 45mins of Luxury with an Ultimate Perfecting Facial using SK-II LXP Range.

Customers will be taken to the David Jones Beauty rooms for a 45min customized facial.

Secure your appointment with a $65 booking fee, redeemable after your facial. Contact your nearest counter for additional information.

Select From:

Revitalizing Facial

Ultimate Perfecting Facial

SK-II Digital Skin Analysis Magic Ring Consultation


SK-II Believes that the destiny of your skin is not pre-determined by the DNA you’re born with. Lifestyle choices, environmental factors, UV exposure and skincare habits can all play a part in how your skin ages over time.

Benchmark your skin: See how your skin fares compared to results of over 1000 individuals around the world.

Reveal your skin age: Understand whether your skin is ageing faster than it should.

Create a unique skincare regimen: Your test results are used by a trained SK-II consultant to create a customised skincare regimen to address your specific needs.

Receive complimentary samples after your skin test.