RATIONALE Skin Consultation

At the beginning of your RATIONALE skin journey, your Skin Consultant will take you through an in-depth consultation process whereby primary concerns, current routine and ideal desired results are skilfully defined. A luxurious double cleanse is followed by a thorough Skin Scanning touch analysis under magnification light, before UV Diagnostic Images are captured to reveal deeper layers of the skin, allowing your Skin Consultant to tailor a Skincare Prescription and Treatment Plan targeting unique skin concerns. The experience is completed with a professional Enzyme Reactivation or Mask Infusion treatment, customised to suit skin needs.

60 minutes / $75

DNArray Two-Phase Skin Consultation

Enlightening you with an understanding of your skin's genetic blueprint, this two-step DNA test analyses an array of genetic markers using sophisticated Skin Scanning technology and UV diagnostic imaging. Based on the results of this analysis, your RATIONALE Skin Consultant is empowered to create a precise prescription of skincare actives and treatment elements to optimise gene expression and decelerate skin ageing.



Brilliance Boost Facial

This supercharged facial targets ‘youth enzymes’ within the skin, re-energising cells with an infusion of powerfully potent Vitamins and Antioxidants to clarify and rejuvenate, and completed with LED Light Therapy to induce simultaneous relaxation and radiance. The result? Complexion Perfection.

45 minutes / $190

Radiance Reset Facial

Lit-From-Within Skin. This restorative facial incorporates a gentle gommage, before Vitamins and Antioxidants are infused with skin-cooling technology for instant calmness, clarity and a renewed glow. Skin appears instantly more luminous and youthful.

45 minutes / $190


PhotoGenic Facial

Epidermal Enlightenment. Fortifying for the most sensitive skin, RATIONALE PhotoGenic Facial is our signature strengthening treatment innovation. Skin is revitalised with a curation of highly potent Antioxidants to calm, clarify and achieve complexion perfection. PressurePoint massage fuses with LED Light Therapy to induce simultaneous relaxation and radiance.

60 minutes / $210

EpiNova PhotoSonic Facial

Complexion Couture. Experience unprecedented luminosity, innovation and unparalleled luxury with RATIONALE EpiNova Photosonic Facial. Skin is refined and renewed as youthful radiance is reactivated. This individually tailored treatment is supercharged with the power of healing touch and LED Light Therapy to achieve our trademark RATIONALE luminosity—and radiant skin confidence.

90 minutes / $290

CryoGenic Facial

Cool, calm + contented. The RATIONALE CryoGenic Facial is our signature soothing treatment that instantly cools, calms and clarifies. Skin is therapeutically cooled to alleviate redness, soothe excessive inflammation and restore tissue integrity. Sensitivity is reduced, ensuring that your rejuvenating, fortifying treatment plan can be activated. This tailored treatment delivers our signature RATIONALE glow while boosting resilience.

60 - 75 minutes / $210 - $270

LuminousLift Facial

High Volume + Amplified Luminosity. Boasting radically rapid results, RATIONALE LuminousLift Facial combines our powerful signature lifting treatment with Enzyme Reactivation for the ultimate lift and glow. Instantly firms and sculpts facial contours with a sequence of remodelling modalities and TransDermal Infusions to boost skin’s epigenetic potential. Activating youth enzymes deep within the skin, this toning facial works to reset muscle memory, revealing a redefined profile and our signature RATIONALE glow.

90 minutes / $340

DNA Sequence

Following a RATIONALE DNArray Medical Consultation.

Complexion Curation. RATIONALE DNA Sequence is our elite facial-remodelling concept, allowing full access to the entire suite of RATIONALE Treatment elements. Informed by your DNArray results, your RATIONALE Skin Consultant is able to completely individualise your treatment plan, deepening the dose of prescriptive actives with a unique sequence of modalities for next-level luminosity in absolute luxury.

60 minutes / $290

Enzyme Reactivation Treatment

Instantaneous incandescence. RATIONALE Enzyme Reactivation Treatment is our streamlined treatment option tailored to accelerate targeted radiance. Designed to reactivate vital youth enzymes deep within the skin, this potent, prescriptive treatment also includes LED Light Therapy to rejuvenate and restore.

Lactic Acid Range (LA): For signs of sun damage and minor breakouts.
Salicylic Acid Range (SA): For breakouts, blackheads and enlarged pores.
Pyruvic Acid Range (PA): For sensitive, more mature skin.

45 minutes / $150



Targeted Neck + Décolletage. An uplifting neck and décolletage treatment, RATIONALE DécoFirm is our powerful collagen-stimulating facial booster targeting the delicate chest and neck area so vulnerable to solar ageing. Rejuvenating Thermal technology simultaneously lifts and tones skin, optimising collagen and elastin synthesis deep within the dermis. A professional-dose DecoLipid Infusion works to reverse DNA damage. The perfect booster for all RATIONALE Facial Treatments.

15 minutes extra / $70


Tired Eyes, Awakened. A brightening cryogenic treatment, RATIONALE OrbitLift targets the delicate eye zone most susceptible to the signs of solar ageing. Rhythmic lymphatic drainage massage alleviates puffiness for a fresher, firmer appearance. Skin is inundated with mega-hydrators to rejuvenate, firm, erase fine lines and alleviate dehydration. PressurePoint therapy releases tension around the orbital region to relax and re-energise. The ideal addition to elevate all RATIONALE Facial Treatments.

15 minutes extra / $70