Estée Lauder

Estee Lauder

Contour Coaching

Contour, shape, sculpt in seconds

TIP Contour areas to shape or “push back”. Highlight to “pull forward”.

3 minutes / complimentary

Get Up & Glow

Prep, prime and glow

TIP Only apply foundation where needed.

3 minutes / complimentary

Strobing Effects

Strobe, shape and sculpt in a flash

TIP Highlight areas where the sun naturally hits your face.

3 minutes / complimentary

Brow Contouring

Shape, sculpt, and define – get brows in line.

TIP Keep brow makeup in same tones as hair or natural brows.

3 minutes / complimentary

I ♥ Blush

Blush all over with our heart-shaping technique.

TIP Keep blush and lipcolour in the same colour tones.

3 minutes / complimentary

Lip Perfector

Stop smudges. Stay feather-free. Our flawless lip technique.

TIP Brush serum/highlighter mix close to lips, above and below.

3 minutes / complimentary

Fatigue Fighter

Revive, brighten, energise. Our #1 technique for eyes.

TIP Mix a little concealer to eye creme to add extra radiance to eye area.

3 minutes / complimentary

Simple Smokey

Create the smoky eye in seconds.

TIP Always use eye primer first – colours blend better, last longer.

3 minutes / complimentary

Special Occasion Makeup

Discover new season makeup trends

Naturally glowing and flawless. Start every look this way, every day.

45 minutes / $50 redeemable with products purchased on the day