22 - 28 APRIL 2019

Fashion Revolution Week

Celebrating mindfully-made fashion, David Jones supports Fashion Revolution Week – the global movement encouraging you to ask #whomademyclothes – by sharing the unique stories of eight Australian brands making a positive impact in the global fashion industry.


The Bassike philosophy centres on high-quality design and construction with a commitment to sustainable manufacturing. Bassike is proud to support local industry by producing their organic jersey and mainline collections locally in Australia.

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"To sew is an outlet for me to express my creativity and make beautiful garments for others to wear. It makes me part of Bassike’s creative time."

Kim, Sample Machinist

Viktoria & Woods

Viktoria & Woods is proud to have the greater part of their designs made in Australia and accredited with Ethical Clothing Australia. The long term relationships they have with local, artisan manufacturers means they can co-create unique finishes, develop new fabrications and ensure quality is always prioritised. Viktoria & Woods have used natural fibres and environmentally-friendly practices since the brand’s inception.

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"Viktoria & Woods are a modern brand with sustainable values at their core, I enjoy working with a team of people that share my passion for creating beautiful garments that are also mindfully made."

Marcella, Maker

Nobody Denim

Nobody Denim is a proud vertically integrated, Australian business, committed to manufacturing their denim garments in Melbourne and guaranteeing the maintenance of fair working conditions through their Ethical Clothing Australia accreditation.

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"The first time I saw a [woman] wearing Nobody jeans I was like, ‘that’s Nobody!’ You’ve got to be proud when you see someone out there wearing the jeans. I made those."

Mael, Maker

Veronika Maine

Veronika Maine is Ethical Clothing Australia accredited, ensuring the Australian workers involved in making their designs receive fair wages and work in safe conditions. As part of their sustainability strategy, they do not destroy product. Instead, it is donated to organisations which empower women in the workforce such as Thread Together and Dress for Success.

"I am proud of Veronika Maine’s accreditation with Ethical Clothing Australia because it shows the brand’s commitment to creating a fair and safe working environment for myself and my colleagues."

Anita, Sample Machinist

Manning Cartell

Sisters Cheryl, Vanessa and Gabrielle Manning combine their shared love of innovation, sustainability and strong, yet feminine design to develop collections of exceptional quality. They source luxurious fabrics globally to be ethically produced in Sydney, Australia. They have been accredited by Ethical Clothing Australia since 2012 and take great pride in having close relationships with their factories both in Australia and overseas.

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"Being part of the Manning Cartell family for the past 13 yrs has been incredibly rewarding. I love that my role allows me to make garments look, feel and fit like they are meant for you!"

Jackie, Maker

Outland Denim

Outland Denim is a premium denim brand offering ethical employment and training to women rescued from human trafficking and exploitation in Cambodia. They know each seamstress by name, and ensure that each employee earns a living wage and is given support to build a bright future.

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"When I think about my work at Outland Denim, I have so much pride. Before, I did not think I had the option to work, but now I am able to not only work, but excel! I want our customers to know that these jeans are my love. Every day I put my love into them."

Reasmey*, Maker (Name has been changed)


KITX is focused on consciously sourcing materials in order to minimise the impact of their operation on the planet’s resources, while also ensuring they value partners and makers who champion high-quality craftsmanship, integrity and transparency.

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"Making the crepe collection for KITX is not just about the fabrication, but a lifetime of learning. For us, this is about balancing the threads of life."

Jitendra, Maker

Bianca Spender

Bianca Spender is proud to support local industry and manufacture all garments in Australia. She is committed to a bright future for Australian Made design, employing a local workforce and accredited by Ethical Clothing Australia.

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"Bianca’s patterns are like puzzles I get to solve, I love the challenge. I lay all the fabrics by hand for every single garment and make sure it gets the attention and care it deserves to make it special. "

Jim, Senior Cutter

Organic Cotton

"We care for farmers, workers and nature, which means choosing farming practices that ban harmful toxins including pesticides, insecticides, herbicides and genetically modified organisms."

Mary Lou Ryan

Bassike co-founder and designer


"Transseasonal versatility and an ability to be returned to the Earth are some of the sustainable values that draw us to using wool in our collections."

Margie Woods

Viktoria & Woods co-founder and designer


"Hemp has a low impact on the earth; it grows quickly, binds the soil, uses little water and attracts no insects so it’s free from insecticides and pesticides, which means no water has to be contaminated."

Kit Willow Podgornik

KITX founder and designer

Vegetarian Leather

"We use alter-nappa for our shoes and bags, a material made from polyester and polyurethane with a recycled polyester backing. Its coating is made with more than 50 per cent vegetable oil, a renewable resource."

Stella McCartney


As a leading responsible retailer, David Jones is proud to work with many brands that support our Good Business Journey. To help customers shop in a way that reflects their values, this Mindfully Made edit features garments that each have at least one sustainability attribute

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