An Interview with Jesinta Franklin

David Jones ambassador Jesinta Franklin

Words by Emma Markezic
Photography by Nicole Bentley
Styling by Caterina Scardino

Normally, you’d expect a former beauty queen to be unapologetic about confidence, teeth whitening or hair extensions – but no, David Jones ambassador Jesinta Franklin is unapologetic about, of all things, laundry. Something her husband, AFL player Lance “Buddy” Franklin knows all too well.

“I’ve always had the attitude that roles are never divided according to gender,” the 26-year-old says. “If washing needs to be done, washing needs to be done! That’s always been my attitude whether Lance likes it or not; that’s just how I operate.”

David Jones ambassador Jesinta Franklin

Jesinta wears Altuzarra dress with Céline earrings.

Jesinta has never been afraid to voice her opinions – and that’s what makes her a standout; she’s substantial in the most insubstantial of times. This is no mean feat for a model, of course – someone whose job pertains largely to the cosmetic. But ambition is indispensable in any industry: “I actually have a mood board at home that says ‘become an ambassador for David Jones’ next to a photo of Megan Gale,” she admits. “So now to be able to work with the company in an official capacity is a really big career achievement for me. I feel really lucky.” And it’s a role she takes seriously. “I try to be really, really healthy and fit and represent something different on the runway,” she says.

I love that fashion is becoming more diverse – but I think we still have a really long way to go.

David Jones ambassador Jesinta Franklin

Jesinta wears Diane Von Furstenberg jumpsuit with Sarah & Sebastian earrings.

She’s still a fashion fan, of course – with Dion Lee, Ellery, KITX and Bianca Spender ranked among her favourites. But, as for the rest of the scene, she could take it or leave it. Because Franklin, my dear, doesn’t give a damn.

“I think for me the biggest advantage I’ve had is I’ve never been part of the cool crowd; people’s perception of me and who I socialise with could not faze me.”

When she does have downtime, she spends it with family – as she will come Christmas time. “We’ll do a ham – dad does an amazing ham – but we also always have lots of fresh mangoes being from Queensland,” she enthuses.

As for starting a family of her own, “It’s the only thing on the mood board I haven’t achieved yet!” she says. But she’s relaxed about it: “We’re just going with the flow at the moment. Whatever happens, happens.”

David Jones ambassador Jesinta Franklin

Jesinta wears AJE dress with Amber Sceats ring.

Appropriately for a former Miss Universe contestant (she did not win, but was named Miss Congeniality, appropriately), Jesinta has a good grasp of the big picture: “At the heart of it, all human beings want the same thing − we want to feel loved, that we’ve got a purpose in life; we want to be happy.”

“I can really relate to finding happiness in the saddest of situations,” she continues. “But I do believe you can make conscious decisions in life that will benefit you and ultimately make you happy. I also think about people who can’t always be happy – people who have mental health issues, for example. Sometimes that’s actually not possible because, there’s a chemical imbalance in the brain, so I understand that too; it’s not always that easy.”

Of course, if happiness is her goal, she’s already made it further than most. “I’m not afraid to say no to things anymore,” she says.

I think for me happiness is an attitude, it’s something you have to work on… happiness really is an inside job.