Maple Grilled Pear and Prosciutto Wedges Recipe

Pear & Prosciutto Wedges

Photography Alicia Taylor Recipe Michele Cranston

Reinvigorate your winter cuisine with this simple and delicious recipe suitable for even the most novice of cooks.

Maple grilled pear and prosciutto wedges

Prep and cook time 15 minutes
Makes 16


4 small ripe pears
16 small sprigs lemon thyme
16 thin slices prosciutto
2 tbsp maple syrup


1. Heat a grill plate or large frying pan over a medium heat.

2. Cut the pears lengthways into quarters and remove the core. Lay a small sprig of thyme over a pear wedge and wrap in prosciutto. Repeat with remaining ingredients. Brush the wrapped wedges with maple syrup.

3. Grill until golden on all sides and season the grilled pears with freshly ground black pepper. 

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