6 Stylish Looks for Men to Try Now

Best Outfits For Men

Photography by Saskia Wilson Words by Adam Thorn Styling by Melissa Boyle

Put together the perfect outfit for your next occasion. Here are 6 of the best looks for men this season.

Best Outfits For Men

Jac+Jack T-shirt, $110. Superdry jacket, $200. Nudie Jeans chinos, $239. Paul Smith boots, $399. Gucci watch, $2000.

The look: Bomber jacket, chinos, Chelsea boots

Where to wear: Studying in style, an afternoon picnic, on a road trip

How: Green is still very much on trend in 2018, but it’s notoriously tricky to pair with. The smart solution – in every sense – is to match it with different shades of brown, earthy tones. A darker pair of suede Chelseas complements lighter chinos, which in turn provide a base for the green of the ever-versatile bomber. And, because the whole look sits nicely in that smart casual sweet spot, you can mix and match accessories. Chuck on a beanie or designer watch, for instance, and everything will match.

Watches from fashion labels can add a statement to your outfit, but remember to match it to your look’s formality.

Best Outfits For Men

Emporio Armani jacket, $4550. Polo Ralph Lauren shirt, $149. Ksubi jeans, $215. Paul Smith tie, $179.95. Gucci watch, $3145. Bally backpack, $895.

The look: Statement jacket, shirt and distressed denim

Where to wear: Low-key business meeting, when it's better to be overdressed than underdressed

How: Distressed denim is the most daring item in your wardrobe. A shirt and tie the least offensive. If you’re going to be adventurous enough to combine the two – and throw on a statement jacket to boot – you’ll need to be careful how you do it, and make sure you’ve picked the right audience for its unveiling. How? Offset the bold combination by keeping the colours monochrome (black and white; navy and blue) and steering clear of bold prints and logos.

Best Outfits For Men

Fred Perry jacket, $190 and trousers, $160. Gazman shirt, $99.95. Saturdays NYC sneakers, $295. New Era hat $40.

The look: Bomber jacket, polo and white sneakers

Where to wear: The day-to-night party, member seats at the football, a first date

How: The bomber is a coat for every occasion. Pick a version in a neutral colour such as navy, and it’ll sit as comfortably atop a tailored suit as it will T-shirt and jeans. Here, though, this sartorial Swiss Army knife helps subtly dress up this normally dressed-down streetwear that gives you a point of distinction. But it’s not just the jacket doing the smartening up: this polo, with its bold Breton stripes, is a step up from the simple tee, while the clean white sneakers offset the looser-fitting trousers.

White sneakers complete a smarter look, but only if your trouser hem sits just above them with a small break.

Best Outfits For Men

Ksubi hoodie $159.95. The Academy Brand T-shirt, $69.95. Polo Ralph Lauren trousers, $199. Saturdays NYC shoes, $320. Herschel Supply Co. backpack, $109.95.

The look: Hoodie, longline T-shirt, cargo pants

Where to wear: Movie night, time out with the boys, when comfort meets style

How: Longline T-shirts are perfect for when you’re off duty because they let you shift your silhouette. But there are rules to remember for the outfit to work. Firstly, make sure it’s the only oversized item you’re wearing – you’re going for hip, not hobo – and secondly, ensure the rest of your look is in neutral tones. Oh, and feel free to throw in some other casual pieces – it’s a great excuse to chuck on a weekend-only hoodie, cargo pants and bold high-top sneakers.

Vancouver-based label Herschel has sold 15 million backpacks for a reason – they’re both practical and, with so many variations, show off your individual style.

Best Outfits For Men

Joe Black jacquard textured jacket, $545, shirt, $149 and trousers, $250. Hardy Amies bow tie, $54.95. David Jones pocket square, $24.95. Emporio Armani shoes, $910.

The look: Tux, bow tie, monk strap shoes

Where to wear: The wedding of the year, when it's time to make a statement

How: You don’t have to be showy to make a statement at a wedding. Why not keep your outfit traditional – white shirt, shawl lapel and bow tie in monochrome – but make your accessories and shoes the point of distinction. These monk strap shoes are daring and distinctive, while you’d be amazed how a lavish pocket square fold can lift a look.

While it’s acceptable to wear a bow tie with a standard collar (if so, try to keep the collar behind your bow tie), it always looks best with a wingtip.

Best Outfits For Men

Sand coat, $949. Paul Costelloe blazer, $339 and trousers, $160. Paul Smith shirt, $349. Kenneth Cole belt, $69.95. David Jones umbrella, $39.95.

The look: Overcoat, suit, statement shirt

Where to wear: A play, after-work drinks, an awards night

How: Australia’s balmy summer climate doesn’t exactly lend itself to layering so take advantage when the colder months roll in. But remember the basics: items should get thicker as they progress further away from your body; lapels should get wider; materials should change in texture; and pay attention to colours. Here, the statement shirt is contrasted by the simple coat and blazer while the check patterns complement each other.

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