5 Winter Essentials No Man Should be Without

Essential menswear accessories for winter

If your winter wardrobe feels lacklustre, it’s time to explore the power of accessories. Most of us understand the basics of dressing for the cold, and as mornings become frosty; our sartorial choices start to catch up. Jeans and trousers are favoured over shorts, t-shirts are traded for shirts, and suddenly you’re taking a jacket with you everywhere you go. By the season’s peak, all of us appreciate the beauty of a sturdy winter coat.

Staying warm isn’t rocket science. But staying warm in style? That’s an art. We’re here to show you how it’s done. Accessorised well, even the most basic of outfits can turn heads. From beanies to backpacks, broad-brimmed hats to boots, final touches are key to making a statement in the blistering cold. Keep reading for your winter essentials check list, to put your most handsome foot forward this winter.

Hats and beanies

If you’ve been waiting for an excuse to embrace your inner Don Draper, now’s your chance. Reminiscent of the ’50s – a time when men wore hats en masse – fedoras are back this season, in a variety of fur felts and soft wools. But if broad brims aren’t you’re thing, you can rest assured knowing that the beanie remains a street style staple.

Essential menswear accessories for winter


You know it’s cold when it’s hard to remove your hands from the depths of your warm pockets. Avoid being the guy with compromised motor skills, and buy a pair of gloves. Not only will they take your look to the next level of suave, they’re also a style staple of Karl Lagerfeld – we reckon that’s proof that they’re a solid winter-time investment.


Boots are back on trend, in fact, we’re not sure they’ve ever been completely out of style. Point is, if you don’t own a pair, now’s the time to invest, because our boot offering has never looked so good. Taking note of the looks that dominated London and New York fashions weeks, we’ve stocked our men’s shoe department with a range of styles. From the slim lined to the military-inspired, we’ve got you covered with shapes for night and day, and boots for work and play.

Essential menswear accessories


Every self-respecting man needs a bag that complements his style, and winter always offers a fine selection. This season, expect to see soft leather totes, traditional cross-body satchels, and a host of practical backpacks – the perfect casual add-on for the weekend. Because who really wants to wear out their pockets carryingaround a mobile, keys and wallet?


Sunglasses are one of fashion’s most trans-seasonal accessories, and this winter they’re everywhere. As seen on the autumn/winter runways of Giorgio Armani and Christian Dior, shapes this season will include the classic aviator and vintage rounded frames. For something a little different, experiment with futuristic mirrored lenses.

Find essential menswear accessories for winter

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