Make Yourself at Home with Megan Morton

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Dubbed “the house whisperer”, interior stylist Megan Morton has a knack for creating beautiful spaces. Here, she shares her tips for making the most of your home.

1. No matter what the state of your house, ask yourself: Is it smiling?

Meaning, is there a friendly tone when you walk in? Even the most serious designer houses need to appear approachable. My favourite spaces are ones that feel welcoming, no matter who their decorating daddy is. Friendly homes give the nicest welcome.

2. Don’t put too much in a room

Reduction is sometimes the best styling tool – a room does well with a bit of breathing space.

3. Be prepared to have a little fun!

In a world full of seriousness, bringing humour and wit into your home’s interiors goes a long way. A room that makes you smile, compared to a room that feels smug – which would you choose?

Megan Morton

Stylist and book author Megan Morton.

3. Be sensitive to your house’s age

Like people, houses should get to grow old gracefully. Older houses need age-appropriate dressings.

4. Is there enough of you in your house?

Imbuing your space with something of yourself will give you that unique house of your dreams.

Megan Morton book home

“Cabin fever” kitchen created by author and blogger Michelle Crawford, Huon Valley, Tasmania.

5. The best houses are clean machines for living

Decorating has as much to do with order and cleanliness as it does with style. My 98-year-old grandmother, Jean, has a great tip: “Take a broomstick to your doonas on the clothesline. It shakes the filling around, revitalises them and can give you much-needed stress relief. Just hit away!”

6. Too many cooks spoil the broth

A house designed by committee can sometimes fail its owners. Sit tight, you are (almost) always right!

7. There is something about pink

A glorious pink wall can be a superb neutral and a brilliant backdrop for artworks. Other bright colours can work, too. Just take the leap! It’s only paint, after all.

Feeling inspired? Megan Morton’s book It’s Beautiful Here invites you into her favourite homes with personality, and introduces us to the personalities who call them home.

Behind the quirky details, beneath the vintage finds and between the creative clashing you’ll find hints for shaping beautiful corners, rooms and moments all of your own. More than a window into inspirational homes around the world, It’s Beautiful Here will make you stop and recognise that here, right now, there’s something beautiful.

Megan Moreton's book It's Beautiful Here

It's Beautiful Here by Megan Morton.