How Reko Rennie's Heritage Inspires His Role as Dad

Reko Rennie
Reko wears: POLO RALPH LAUREN POLO, $129, LEVI'S jeans, $99.95, and NEW BALANCE sneakers, $140. Mila wears C&M jacket, $330, and pants, $299, LEVI'S T-shirt, $49.95, and SPRING COURT sneakers, $285.

To celebrate Father’s Day, visual artist Reko Rennie opens up about what it’s like to be a dad to Mila, 15.

“When you become a father you become more in touch with your emotions. Often men aren’t taught emotional self-awareness and good communication skills, but my relationship with Mila has taught me that opening up emotionally actually brings joy."

When you become a father you become more in touch with your emotions.

I try to instill in Mila a sense of cultural connection and pride as a young Kamilaroi woman.

As an artist’s daughter, Mila can get a bit sick of art exhibitions, but I do love going to a good show with her and talking about what we see.

She has taught me about taking better care of the environment and supporting things like sustainable fishing (she’s an aspiring marine biologist).

Time with my family is always important, but especially so on Father’s Day. We share a meal, have some laughs, and I get to choose the movie.

I’m very optimistic about the difference Mila’s generation will make environmentally and politically. They’re so aware; our generation could learn from them.”

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Image credit: Hugh Stewart