Lara Worthington's Sleep Tips

Lara Worthington
Photography Darren McDonald. Sheridan Robe, 149.95.

On set for Sheridan’s new campaign shoot, Lara Worthington talks rest, sleep and the perfect bedding.

Any remedies for conquering sleeplessness?

“I’m a mum of two boys under four so a good night’s sleep means more than ever. At night, I try to do the ‘no-screens’ thing but it’s hard as we do so much on our phones, including reading. A small cup of relaxation or sleep tea does the trick.”

What are your sheets of choice?

“Nothing feels better than fresh, crisp organic cotton sheets and I try to choose sustainable products.”

What do you love most about your home in LA?

“That it’s tucked away. It feels like a suburban street yet Sunset Boulevard is just moments from our door. It’s a great balance.”

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