4 Easy Ways to Keep Your Leather Boots Pristine

4 Easy Ways to Keep Your Leather Boots Pristine
Clockwise from top right: R.M.Williams Dynamic Flex boots $595. Julius Marlow Phrase boots $199.99. Grenson Fred C boots $399. Ted Baker Lowpez boots $319.

Four tips on caring for your leather boots from R.M. Williams’ master craftsman, Steve Moore.

1. Fire Ain’t Surefire

“People often leave wet boots in front of the fire to dry them out quickly, but this is a surefire way to destroy the leather. Instead, stuff them with newspaper to absorb excess moisture and let them dry naturally at room temperature.”

2. Closet Case

“Make sure your boots are dry before storing them. Avoid leaving them in humid conditions because mildew will thrive – leather is a food source. The best place to store them is a closet with good ventilation or under the bed.”

3. Come Clean

“New boots won’t need to be cleaned, but if you’re pulling yours out of storage – or simply want to keep them looking their best – I would recommend giving them a quick condition and polish every four to five weeks.”

4. Shape Up

“Cedar shoe trees will help boots keep their shape over time, but remember that as you wear them, they’ll mould to the shape of your feet and become even more comfortable with age. You can expect to get several years out of one pair.”

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