Why mindfully-made fashion isn't going anywhere

Fashion Revolution
VIKTORIA & WOODS blazer, $600, and pants, $380. STELLA MCCARTNEY shoes, $899. Right ear: SARAH & SEBASTIAN stone earring (sold individually), $350. Left ear: SARAH & SEBASTIAN earring (sold individually), $260.

Photography by Tim Ashton
Styling by Claudia Jukic

As part of this year’s Fashion Revolution Week, David Jones celebrates the mindfully made brands making a positive impact.

Fashion is emotional, evocative, inspired. But fashion’s life-changing impact extends far beyond our wardrobes. It is a multi-trillion dollar industry that employs one sixth of the global population. With that grand scale comes obstacles: mass consumption, pollution, exploitation and unnecessary waste.

For the second year, as part of its mission to be a leader in ethical fashion, David Jones is celebrating eight labels that champion sustainability in their designs. 

Each is committed to creating simple, timeless and long-lasting garments in a thoughtful way. They use lower-impact fabrics, from bamboo-blend and merino wool to Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) cotton. They maintain close relationships with their makers, whether their pieces are crafted in Australia or overseas, and incorporate ethical production methods throughout their factories. 

In short, they’re leading the way forward for Australian fashion.

Fashion can be both stylish and ethical. It’s about designing simple, long-lasting pieces that can be enjoyed forever. – Viktoria & Woods

“We still work with the same local makers who made our very first T-shirt.” - Bassike

Fashion Revolution
BASSIKE jacket, $995, and pants, $750. Right ear: SARAH & SEBASTIAN stone earring (sold individually), $350. Index finger: SARAH & SEBASTIAN pearl ring, $295, indigo ring, $310. Ring finger: SARAH & SEBASTIAN gold ring, $225. All rings worn throughout.

“We want to know that every hand sewing our garments is fairly represented and fairly paid.” – Bianca Spender

Bianca Spender dress
Bianca Spender dress, $695. Stella McCartney shoes, $899.

 “A transparent and ethical supply chain has been part of our brand DNA since the beginning.” – Manning Cartell

Manning Cartell jumper
Manning Cartell jumper, $299, and skirt, $399. Sarah & Sebastian hoop earrings, $260.

“Minimising our environmental footprint is our greatest mission.” – KITX

KITX jacket
KITX jacket, $595, and dress, $595. Converse sneakers, $100. Sarah & Sebastian hoop earrings, $260.

“Making locally is integral to who we are.” – Nobody Denim

Nobody Denim jeans
Nobody Denim jeans, $239. Converse sneakers, $100. Right ear: Sarah & Sebastian stone earring (sold individually), $350. Left ear: Sarah & Sebastian hoop earring (sold as pair), $260. Right hand: Sarah & Sebastian gold ring, $225 (ring finger), petite ring, $295 (middle finger), and pearl ring, $295 (index finger). Left hand: Sarah & Sebastian gold ring, $295, and cluster ring, $295 (both on middle finger), stone ring, $310 (ring finger). 

“Our garments are made for life not for landfill.” – Veronika Maine

Veronika Maine blouse
Veronika Maine blouse, $219, and pants, $239. Sarah & Sebastian hoop earrings, $260.

“We empower our staff to forge their own path in life, free of poverty and exploitation.” – Outland Denim

Outland Denim jacket
Outland Denim jacket, $259, and jeans, $229. Sarah & Sebastian hoop earrings, $260, and necklace, $220.

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