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Best Mens Skincare Buys for Winter

As winter weather rolls in, your mug is one of the first things to suffer. Your skin is typically thicker and oilier than that of the ladies and requires help to look its best in the cooler months.

A solid grooming routine needn’t be a ton of work, but you’ll need to enlist more  than just cleanser and water. Between hot showers and indoor heating, your complexion can dry out faster than last night’s pizza, making an effective moisturiser a must. Signs of dehydration include tightness, flaking, stinging and more prominent-looking lines and wrinkles. (Yes, really.)

Skin needs a little extra TLC in the cooler months – and that means finding a quality moisturiser. Look no further...

While moisturising is essential for skin health, it doesn’t have  to mean slathering on heavy creams. If you’re not keen on  rich lotions, a lightweight product containing humectants like hyaluronic acid or glycerine is a good compromise. These ingredients pull water from the air into your skin for a quenching effect that doesn’t feel greasy.

For those with particularly slick complexions, Lab Series’ Rescue Water Lotion ($57) is so weightless that it can be splashed on à la cologne. Next up, Ella Baché’s Hydra Jelly Moisture Shot ($89) has a bouncy consistency that absorbs quickly, leaving skin refreshed. Dermalogica’s Calm Water Gel (right) boasts a unique cream-to-gel formulation that sinks in fast and makes you look younger and healthier. (It also contains cactus-pear extract to soothe sensitivity – perfect post-shave, when skin is at its most vulnerable.) Equally nourishing, Philosophy’s Purity Made Simple Ultra-Light Moisturizer ($38) is a step up, texture-wise. This lightweight unguent contains shea butter, which acts as a barrier to keep moisture from evaporating. Engineered for drier skin types, Sisleÿum for Men’s Anti-Age Global Revitalizer (right) delivers both anti-ageing power and a clean matte finish.

Once your hydration is sorted, consider adding an exfoliant to your product line-up to address enlarged pores (another winter woe). Manual scrubs can be damaging if used incorrectly, so go for a leave-on type. Ultraceuticals’ Ultra Smoothing Pore Refiner (right) is a smart pick, as it contains purifying agents like salicylic acid and willow-bark extract to reduce sebum build-up and is clinically proven to improve skin texture.

Best Mens Skincare Buys for Winter
Dermalogica Calm Water Gel 50ml ($73).Ultraceuticals Ultra Smoothing Pore Refiner 50ml ($115). Sisleÿum for Men Anti-Age Global Revitalizer 50ml ($310). 

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