Beauty Trends and Tips to Know About Now

Summer beauty trends and products

Photography by Steven Chee

We’ve got all the best beauty you need, from make-up to skincare, and plant-based haircare products to rehydrate sun-damaged locks.

HAIR Best Botanical

In this new age of chemical-conscious consumers, it’s no surprise that we want hair products that are rich in natural vitamins and minerals. Thankfully, a new wave of cleaning and styling products is hitting Australian shores – like French brand Phyto, whose botanical range includes everything from conditioning pre-treatments to growth-stimulating oils. It’s also the only brand to use decoction, a method of extracting the nutrients from plants and using the essence in many of its products to detoxify and purify the scalp, which in turn improves blood circulation.

Christophe Robin, another French brand, offers plant-based haircare products that also contain SPF. To protect your colour from fading in the sun, apply the brand’s signature hair oil before heading to the beach or pool.

Summer beauty trends and products
Christophe Robin Moisturizing Hair Oil With Lavender, $65. Phyto Phytopolléine Botanical Scalp Treatment, $55. Clinique Moisture Surge 72-Hour Auto-Replenishing Hydrator, $60. 

SKIN Drink Up

We all know drinking eight glasses of water a day is considered one of the best beauty tricks in the game, but there’s plenty more you can do to supply your skin with much-needed H2O. Enter the humble gel moisturiser, which this year took centre stage ahead of lotions and creams, thanks in part to a growing interest in gel-loving Korean and Japanese beauty markets. The jelly-like consistency of gel moisturisers means they melt more easily into most skin types and allow skin to breathe during long summer days.

Let’s get scientific for a moment: hylauronic acid, the skincare hero ingredient du jour, appears in many of our favourite gels and is one of the best-known skin-plumping lubricants (babies’ skin is packed with the stuff). Gels can penetrate deeper into dermal layers, where heavier formulas – like oil-based moisturisers – struggle.

Janet Pardo, senior vice-president of Global Product Development at Clinique and the person responsible for revamping the brand’s iconic Moisture Surge moisturiser, says the key to youthful skin is hydration.

It’s really big science... I don’t think people realise how important [hydration] is...

“When your skin isn’t hydrated, the skin barrier becomes very leaky and damaged. Bad stuff gets into the skin, good stuff comes out,” she says.

Clinique has found a 152 per cent increase in the skin’s moisture level upon application of its new 72-Hour Moisture Surge gel, which creates a lightweight, breathable mesh on the skin’s surface that works to prevent moisture escaping. Many of us wrongly avoid using moisturisers with hydrating attributes for fear that skin will become oilier. 

“The reality is that oil production increases with a lack of moisture in the skin, so breakouts commonly become worse when dry skin is exposed and permeable,” explains Pardo.

Summer beauty trends and products
OPI Peru Collection Nail Lacquers, $22.95 each. Giorgio Armani Neo Nude A-Line in Blush, Bronze and Highlight, $68 each. YSL All Hours Foundation Stick, $79. Clarins SOS Primer, $50.

MAKE-UP Low-key look

On one hand, warmer weather tends to invite a more relaxed aesthetic (read: beach hair, foundation-free face, that warm-weather glow). However, there’s a case to be made for the girl who wants to keep it together. And why not, when YSL’s All Hours Foundation has been released in a travel-friendly stick and Giorgio Armani’s pretty Neo Nude A-Line watercolours can define your features with subtlety.

Let’s get real, though – even the most glam-at-heart wants to feel relaxed at this time of year, so keep your base coat to a minimum with Clarins’ range of SOS Primers, $50 each, which target everything from pigmentation to uneveness. A coat of nail polish will add a pop of colour that doesn’t require daily upkeep and OPI’s Peru Collection hits the mark.

Words Hannah Gay; Hair Richard Kavanagh/DLM; Make-up Chloe Langford/DLM; Model Maria Moeller/Chic; Additional Photography Pete Daly