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Kilian fragrances

For me, a great perfume is one that starts with a great story.

“Like any great opera or any great movie, they start with a great script. Without one, you can’t direct your actors. It is the same with perfume,” says founder of the eponymously named luxurious fragrance house, Kilian, Kilian Hennessy.

Killian fragrances refillable spray

Kilian Good Girl Gone Bad refillable spray and clutch.

And start with a great story, he does. Hennessy, a member of that Cognac dynasty, studied perfumery and launched his namesake label in 2007. The brand’s philosophy is to treat perfume as art. “For my latest collection, ‘From Dusk Till Dawn’, I was inspired by Gustav Klimt’s work, at a very precise time – the Byzantine period. I took two paintings that really moved me – one is a portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer. I read her biography and her life is so tragic, so it’s very moving when you see how Gustav Klimt painted her in her sorrow, in her sadness,” he explains.

Kilian Hennessy of Kilian

The entire Kilian collection now includes more than 35 scents, each with their own story and point of inspiration. The fragrances, like their bottles, are designed to be kept and treasured. High-quality ingredients result in a long-lasting sillage. “You have to push the boundaries even further. That’s what I prefer to do, that’s why, for example, the bottle from this collection comes in a box which is just mind-blowing. It’s really a play on gold and black with touches of lightness, to evoke unique emotions,” adds Hennessy.

Kilian fragrances

Moonlight in Heaven candle refill. Woman in Gold carafe 250ml. Good Girl Gone Bad shower gel refill and vessel.

In case the bottles that look like jewellery and the unique scents which last on skin forever aren’t enough, you have to try the extras. Body products and candles infuse the signature Kilian scents into your life in a whole different way. Try the Shower Gel in Good Girl, Gone Bad if you want to turn your morning bathe into something far more 5 star. Or light the Candle Refill In Moonlight in Heaven for a potent home scent like no other.

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