How to Host The Perfect Christmas Celebration

The most magical time of year is right around the bend. While it might be just a touch too early to be hanging the fairy lights, there’s no time like the present to start preparing an Instagram-worthy table for St Nick’s arrival. The table is the focal point around which we eat, drink, make merry and crack bonbons with our nearest and dearest – and those loved ones we only see once a year – so why shouldn’t we treat the setting of it like an art form? Follow these simple steps and your table will outshine even the Christmas tree.

The Table

For a sophisticated, on-trend table arrangement that is guaranteed to wind up on multiple Instagram stories this Christmas (and be talked about for years to come) we recommend sticking to a limited colour palette. Here, the equal parts festive and chic cherry blossom translates to handblown glassware.

Christmas Table Celebration Feast

Brass cutlery is a chic, unexpected alternative to the traditional silver and complements the blush theme in a daring yet understated way.

Christmas Table Celebration Feast

Once the foundations are in place, it’s time to add in tasteful nods to the festive season with these star-shaped, gold-flecked side plates, two-tier stands and chip and dip set, and by placing elegant gold bowls at either end of the table.

Christmas Table Celebration Feast

Finish off with minimalist vases brimming with your favourite blush-coloured flowers and a smattering of warm, copper-toned fairy lights.

The Playlist

Nailing the Christmas playlist is no easy feat given that you likely need to accommodate a wide range of musical tastes. First thing’s first: If Mariah Carey's All I Want for Christmas doesn’t emanate from the speakers at least once during the day, is it even really Christmas? Then, mix yuletide classics by Nat King Cole, Ella Fitzgerald and Bing Crosby with more modern pop hits (i.e. Last Christmas by Wham!) to create a truly joyful vibe. If you don’t have time to curate your own playlist, you’ll find plenty on Spotify or simply locate your favourite Christmas movie soundtracks and hit play. Our pick? You can’t go wrong with Love, Actually.

The Drinks List

While the other side of the world up their intake of eggnog tenfold, the balmy summer temperatures here in Australia call for more of an ice-cold, fruity drinks menu. Stock up on a selection of bubbles and rosé – ideal for bringing Christmas cheer – plus some summer-friendly spirits for good measure. Seedlip is your go-to for delicious non-alcoholic spirits that you can use to recreate all of your favourite cocktails.

The Essentials

Step one in creating your perfect Christmas table and a fun Christmas Day for all? Add all the essentials to cart and get planning.

Christmas Table Celebration Feast

From top left: David Jones plate, $16.95. Cristina Re glass, $49,95 a pair. David Jones bowl, $14.95. LSA International vase, $79.95. David Jones chip & dip set, $34.95. David Jones two-tier stand, $39.95.

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