Party Saviours – Don’t Leave Home Without These Handbag Essentials

Party saviours

You’ve spent hours meticulously planning your outfit and have workshopped your beauty look with multiple friends.

Now your big event is here and you’re halfway out the door. Not so fast! Slip a few key essentials into your handbag or clutch and your event – whether it’s a day at the spring racing carnival or a night on the town – will go so much more beautifully.

We consulted the professionals – leading tastemakers, style queens and fashion experts – to find out exactly what you need in your handbag for a big event.

1. Party Feet

“You might buy a beautiful new pair of shoes and when you try them on they’re great but when you start walking in them, they hurt or pinch in certain areas. I always make sure I wear my shoes prior to the event and have Party Feet with me, just in case.” – Rozalia Russian, tastemaker

2. Sun protection

“[If it’s daytime], make sure you have a great sunscreen under your makeup, and my go-to accessory is one of my many pairs of sunglasses.” – Jill Humphries, founder of Jill & Jack Millinery

3. Lipstick

“I’ll be incorporating a pop of colour into my look by having a statement red lip, so I’ll be taking my lipstick to reapply throughout the day.” – Dominique Faludi, tastemaker

4. Hollywood Fashion Tape

“This double-sided tape allows you to discreetly tape and secure clothing in place without it being seen and is perfect for almost any fashion emergency.” – Angela Favaloro David Jones buyer for intimate apparel

5. Battery pack

“I always take a portable charger for my phone.” – Elle Ferguson, tastemaker

6. Pinch Provisions

“If you always end up forgetting something, these genius packs do all the hard work for you, curating 17 essentials into one small pouch, from stain remover to hairspray.” – Liz Ormando David Jones buyer for women’s accessories

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