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How to Style Your Home for Spring

Get the look: New boho style interiors

Sarah Ellison is one of Australia’s leading interior designers and stylists. She held the position of style editor at Real Living for seven years and her work has appeared in international magazines Couch and Elle Decoration. Her distinctive style, with its modern aesthetic, is in high demand and her growing reputation has seen her collaborate with brands around the world.

When we approached Sarah to style three unique interiors for David Jones based on the Spring trends, she jumped at the chance. It’s wonderful to watch her in action, sketching ideas and styling on set. Sarah starts with a mood board of curated inspiration, from beautiful fabrics and colourways to the vibrant pages of a book. Often her inspiration comes direct from the fashion runways – she pulls from all sources. See how to layer up a room with Sarah’s must-have buys for spring from David Jones.

Have fun!


This is a warm version of the minimalist trend we’ve been seeing for a while now. With our fast-paced lives, many of us would like to create a sanctuary of calm at home.

Get the look: New boho style interiors

How to get the look

· Texture is all-important here. Raw woods sit beautifully beside crumply linens. Fabrics are handwoven and cushions are made from natural fibres. There’s an emphasis on natural pieces, decorative items with organic shapes and, for furniture, rich woven leathers.

· The palette is very soft and gentle colours sit between pale grey and the tones of warm oak. Add just one or two highlight colours to inject personality into the space – don’t play it too safe.

· Styling is minimal yet functional. In the bedroom, layer up your linens; white and grey work well together. Natural elements such as dried flowers and plants bring life to the setting. Furniture and homewares are high quality and considered; it’s about buying less but buying better. 


“Wanderlust” is the best way to describe this trend, which originates from the idea of bringing our travels home with us.

Get the look: Wanderlust style interiors

How to get the look

· Colour is one of my favourite tools. The colour palette is key when it comes to this trend – use desaturated tones of blush, sage and saffron, grounded with pale grey and white. The easiest way to introduce these colours is through textiles, particularly in natural linen and velvet, but you can also paint walls with a lime wash.

· Choose furniture in light, natural tones such as cream and oak wood. Woven elements help to add texture, while brass can elevate the look. Upholstered pieces work best in tactile velvets.

· Coloured glass brightens and adds depth to a space when styling. A single variety of native flower looks great in a vase (I’m loving this vase in a combination of glass and ceramic – the organic shape works well in the setting). Remember to keep it simple.

· Bring in elements of your travels: interesting objects from faraway lands, large-scale photography and coffee-table books related to travel. Books lend interest and depth to interiors.


This trend is derived from the skilled work and craft of the artisan. The colours take their cue from the allure of a coastal-inspired palette

Get the look: Artisan Blue interiors

How to get the look  

· Easy to interpret in any room, this trend is achieved by incorporating three key colours: deep-blue tones, fresh, crisp white and pale oak wood.

· Pattern also plays a part and can be found in floor tiles, tableware and textiles. Be sure to introduce pattern in a minimal way, so it doesn’t overpower the space.

· When styling the dining room, use patterned tableware, brass accents and ceramics with organic shapes. Natural linen napkins and coloured glassware complete the look.

· Pale oak timbers talk to the artisan trend and work well not just in furniture but accessories as well, helping to ground this trend and give it an Australian flavour.

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